Friday, January 21, 2022

Getting to Vera Playa

Which airport should you fly to?

There are 3 airports within travelling distance - Murcia (San Javier) Almeria and Alicante.


Almeria is a good choice, but only a few UK airports have flights to Almeria airport. Some do not fly there in the winter at all. If you can get a flight to Almeria it is very convenient as it is only 85 kms or 60 mins away and is a small airport which is easy to use.


Murcia airport which is at San Javier, is about 40 kms from Murcia city. The airport is 185 kms or 2 hrs if you use the non toll motorway or 1 hr 30 mins on the AP-7 toll motorway.


Alicante airport is 212 kms, 2 hrs 30 mins and is a major airport with lots of flights from most parts of the UK. Its huge new terminal opened in March 2011 and impressive though it is, the distances you have to walk is now considerable. Also, we feel it is not particularly clear as to where you collect your car hire  once given the keys so make sure you are given good directions how to find it, you will normally need to take a lift down to the floor where your hire company has its cars, different hire companies are on different floors.

Alicante airport has a reputation for crime because of its size so our advice is be on your guard and keep an eye on your belongings its easy to forget when on holiday.